This is a difficult time. You are being squeezed through the eye of a needle. All that remains for you is your inner sanctuary of peace.
Make this your place of rest, refuge from the calamity of painful pressures.
You must face the turmoil you carry, for instance, fear, anxiety, loss, confusion etc.
Take action where you can, be patient when you must wait.
Above all, trust in the flow of life.

Watch the dynamic of water. Water seeks it’s own level.
What does this mean?
When separated by an impervious barrier, water can be contained at a higher level than the one along side it.
Remove the barriers and the water will flow into oneness. Neither level is higher or lower.
You cannot distinguish the water from container A and container B.
It flows, it merges. It is no longer identified as A or B, it is simply water.
So remember the point.

You are Spirit, simply Spirit.
Forget your indentification with your container and the experiences of your container.
Remove the mind constructed identification which is the barrier.
Allow your Spirit to flow and merge, to become The Spirit, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of the Whole, the Allness, the Oneness.

Be That and all else will come into peace.
This is the only way, the solution, the gift.
Make this your object of focus and all will be delivered to you.
For this is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, within you.